Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gavron Designs first public project

So Joe and I collaborate all the time...I mean, we're married, right? We make dinner together. We clean the house together. I tell him if the art is level while he hangs it. And we made all of our Christmas presents together...but this is the first public assignment we've worked on together.

Look for this hanging at a business near you (assuming you're in Seattle, and assuming that you visit or work in a place that recieves printing from CK Graphics*).

The Assignment:

Create a 18x24" three-month calendar.

The response:

(typography by me. illustration by joe. to be printed on matte
white paper, with a layer of varnish on the petals only.)

The feedback:

It's pretty, but it's too stark, too spare, says the printer. (Yeah, we know, that's how we like it, says Gavron Designs.) Add more color, says the printer. We're trying to showcase the capabilities of our five plate press. (Okay, says we.)

The second response:

(design through a true collaborative process. to be printed on white paper with varnish layer on the calendar portions--letters and numbers)

Got a project for us? We're fun. Email us here.

*CK Graphics, by the way, has an old-skool ice cream vending machine in their lobby on capital hill. That alone makes visiting them worth the parking hassle.


Christy said...

Oh I LOVE the new version- it's so amazing!!! I'm looking for a link to your Gavron Designs website for purchasing...

Are you going to have a greeting card line? I'd like to see some cupcake birthday cards, thank you cards and some Christmas cards.

Second Sam said...

That is seriously beautiful - keep the collaborations coming!