Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Type 1: Music Postcard Assignment


Pick a song lyric and design a postcard. Convey the meanings and/or feelings of a musical lyric through type. Think about literal, connotative and historical meanings of your lyric. The typeface characters may not be manipulated in any way (NO PHOTOSHOP FILTERS•DO NOT STRETCH TYPE). You may not add any graphic elements. To convey your lyric’s meaning think about size, placement on the page, orientation, direction, and typestyle. Remember that there are two sides to a postcard, make sure you create both.


• to analyze appropriate fonts for interpretive value.

• to encourage the use of type exclusively to convey an idea.

• to introduce type as a visual-communication medium

• to encourage thinking of type as an interpretive, expressive medium

Response: (click to enlarge)

close up of back side text block below

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