Thursday, September 13, 2007

Type 1: Logotype

Assignment: Homework
Homework: Create a personal Logotype. A logotype is different from a logo. Logotypes communicate purely through the use of type forms, type orientation, and type relationships. Do not make this a "Make a Word Do What It Says" exercise. For Thursday, I want to see 10 different thumbnails of your name. You may hand letter or use computer typefaces or a combination of both. Think conceptually, not literally when creating thumbnails that represent you. Remember, no imagery, just type.

A couple pages of stuff...with my final choice. While I love the script versions (top left corner of the second set), I didn't feel like they were very "me." I finally settled on a version that is a bit more stylized...something with cool typography and a little fun thrown in at the "r". Comments/critiques are always welcome.

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Christy said...

OH this was my favorite one too, then I scrolled down and saw i was our's too! It would be a cute logo on the back of greeting cards when you didn't want to use the Dreambird Designs logo...