Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tiny green sweater

green! and tiny! (try to ignore the dog hair. thanks.) 
My best friend is having a baby. Soon!

artsy close up of ribbing and buttons.

So I knit her a tiny green sweater. I mean, the sweater is for the baby. But you get the idea.

See that ribbing? That's called mistake rib. I didn't know that it existed until I found this pattern: Offset Raglan by Sara Morris, of Rose City Knits. You can't get the pattern on her website that I can see. But you can get it for free on Ravelry. So there's that.

bird's eye view
Also, see those buttons? They're hilarious seventies winter coat buttons, right? Using them on a baby sweater really cracked me up. Because it doesn't take much.

hat. green. tiny.

And then there was more tiny green yarn left over, so I had to make a matching tiny green hat with matching mistake rib! (In fact, the pattern is called "Mistake Rib Baby Hat." Let there be no mistake.)

again. try to pretend it's not covered in dog hair.

The hat pattern is from CompileYarn, and you can get it free here. Aren't the internets wonderful? They are very good at sharing.

Congratulations, Miss P! You're going to be the best mom ever (I mean, next to me, of course) and your little one is going to rock this sweater. Even if it doesn't fit until summer, and then it's too hot and sweaty and you only every get to put it on the baby for a photo...

Darn babies. They come when they come. And it's hard to know exactly how big they'll be at which time. Maybe my friends will take the baby to the museum or the movie theater--some place super air conditioned, and the sweater and hat will be perfect. PERFECT.


Christals Creations said...

Those buttons are awesome. Take me back to my Mum's button box.
I always end up with baby clothes the wrong size. On our last now and she has 0-3 summer dresses and snow forecast next week.
Thank heavens for vests and tights. . .

Jene said...

Darling! I was hoping to see little Miss A in her sweater dress and didn't-rats! I need a picture, Mama!

Perhaps some silhouettes on this blog are called for? Need to document this growth pattern you're in! :)