Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Anika!

My adorable niece, all curls and screams, turned two yesterday. And in celebration of that two-ness, I knit her the cutest dress ever designed in seasonally appropriate colors.

This pattern is called Fiona's Top and is available for online purchase and download (sometimes) here (or on The best part? I made it an extra few inches long and now it's not Fiona's Top, but Anika's Dress.

Also, since the shoulders are so roomy, she should be able to wear it for the next two it becomes first a tunic and then a top! Three cheers for clothes you can grow into/with.

The pattern is an easy enough thing to work with, once you get the lace pattern down (which took me about four frogs. But then it's smooth sailing).

Also, a big shout-out to Knit Picks and their stroll glimmer yarn. It has silver stuff in it, which makes it festive and girly and all around awesome. And it's washable wool. Perfect.

Happy birthday, Sweet One who is Two! Here's to skirt-twirling fun.


Pamela said...

It's adorable!

jenesgems said...

So cute Cupcake! Now you need a photo of little Miss Curly Locks in it!

Julie said...

Oh've amazed me again...Anika's dress(so beautiful)and your "I love to read" story telling!! Congrats on both...xo