Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Photo courtesy of Uppercase

Last Friday night, Joe and I ventured to Assemble Gallery and Studio (my new favorite local gallery) to celebrate the book launch of one of my favorite long-term bloggers, dottie angel.

dottie is the alter ego/blogging personality of one Tif Fussell, who I met, and who is very sweet and not yet snooty-star-struck. (not that I am assuming that she will become snooty-star-struck, but one never knows.)

(Also, I hope that she, and her publisher, won't be sad that I poached these photos.)

I told her I was reluctant to come to her party, since I didn't want to appear to be some raving lunatic of a fan. It's weird to meet someone in person who you seem to know so much about, while still knowing that you don't know them in the real flesh--only their web persona.

Luckily, Tif agreed with me regarding the weirdness (on her end as well), but she has thus far been delighted to meet people who are not raving stalkers but rather crafty people like herself who are genuinely nice and normal. I hope that I too came across as nice and normal. (or at least, not scary or raving.)

Photo courtesy of Uppercase

You may remember dottie as the inspiration for the bunting I made for my studio. Although our color palettes would seem to disagree, our crafty philosophies are quite similar. We do not take ourselves too seriously, we must have dogs on the floor to get anything done, and we both fight mightily against a very long rainy season here in the upper northwest.

Also, dottie's new book is amazing. So, so much better in person than could ever be shown on the interwebs.  (And yes! It comes with an amazing envelope of real life goodies, including buttons and scraps of happy.)


Julie said...

this is so "you"....so glad you 2 met!!

Pamela said...

Sounds like fun! I love the envelope of goodies!