Monday, May 30, 2011

It is finished...and we are still together!

It is complete. I mean, it's been complete for some time now, but I've been lazy about photographing it. (Perhaps that is because the man in the sweater is the family photographer. Perhaps it's just been a busy spring.)

I am happy to report that the sweater fit him, after assembling all the pieces on to the huge circular needle, except for the arms. No, even though I added three inches when making the arms, they were too short. Never you fear, dear readers, because I added a trusty cuff to match the neckline, and ta-da! They are now long enough to be cozy.

Because this is designed to be cozy. It's less of a sweater and more of a jacket. And you can't have a jacket with too-short sleeves. (Well you can, I think, but you won't wear it.)

Also: the part you have been waiting for: I wrote of the sweater curse in a previous post, and am happy to report that, thus far, we are still married and even like each other (knock on wood).

So there it is.

Lastly, in case you need to make the man in your life this sweater (or you are the man in your life and you need to make yourself this sweater), it's called Scarlow, and was created by King Bee.

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Julie said...

love the sweater and the model..they are both fantastic!