Saturday, October 9, 2010

Roody's sweater

Just chillin in my new sweater. NBD.
Finally!  After two huge frogging sessions, the greyhound coat (that is hereby an XXXL and an XX-long--is finished!  And, most importantly, it fits!

Stupid flash, but adorable dawg.
Here you can see the six buttons I added to the side panel. His side is long...and it requires a lot of buttons!

Also, I feel that I should note here that Roody is a very difficult subject to photograph. He rarely holds still, thus the roll of film (okay, it's digital, but you get the idea) showcasing three blurry dogs and one blurry sweater.

1 comment:

Jene said...

Let's see if I can spell this time, it's early.

This sweater is so cool! Great job. Tell Roody I'm jealous. :)