Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shopping List Saturday: teeny tiny

everything's better small.

I learned my love for the little when my father built me a dollhouse. My mother bought me a tiny tiny old fashioned bathroom set--a claw-footed tub, an ancient toilet with the pull chain flusher, and a tiny pitcher and wash basin to grace the bedroom dresser. I also had a tiny grandfather clock, a tiny fireplace set, a tiny tiny set of dishes for the kitchen cabinets. My grandmother helped me decorate the house, laying down a small turkish rugs on the living room floor, hanging pale blue floral wallpaper in the kitchen, pasting paper that looked like tiny tiles on the floor of the bathroom. I was always on the lookout for teeny accessories for those six rooms. And, I guess I still am.

row one: tiny little frog finger puppet by staceyrebecca; canbot robot by sage12888; tiny zodiac monsters coloring book by monstergallery
row two: taraxacum officianale by dolittledesign; itty bitty mouse by allthingssmall; micro mini toy kitty by sparklerama

row three: tiny book by LeiLaLoo; tiny chick by dreamalittle7; tiny white pin cushion by wooke

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Anonymous said...

Love this. I've been rightly accused of buying useless miniature things (like my tiny spoons that match my flatware but are too small to use for much of anything!) just because I love the teeny tiny!!! And I never had a good doll house, I just like small!

Leililaloo said...

Thanks for featuring me and letting me know... i really appreciate it.

edward and lilly said...

Aww, so cute!! Great theme, I love the mini robot.

'fancypicnic' said...

How cute are these!! Fabulous!

The brownie....feel the envy xx

Sarah E Olson said...

This post reminded me of this promo video from the movie Coraline. This woman, Althea Crome, knitted Coraline's actual sweater and gloves - pretty amazing stuff.