Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas presents...part one

card stock printed with our logo...hanging to dry

So the big secret goes like this...joe and I are now screen printers! We set up a glorious DIY shop (complete with guest bathroom cum dark room) and six Homer's buckets (that would be the huge orange buckets available for sale at Home Depot--thus the color and name) for a dyeing station.

We dyed and dyed and printed and printed and EVERYONE got handmade Christmas presents. It sure felt good to not have to go to the mall and brave the crowds and chaos. It also felt good to have a hands-on, down and dirty, collaborative project with the husband.

completed hand dyed, hand printed, hand wrapped napkin and placemat sets.

first printing of the men's t-shirts

final display of women's t-shirts
...more later

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Christy said...

OMG how cool!!! Next will be scrapbook paper and embellishments... need an admin? :)